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Susanne K. Arnold

MA, Museum Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1989
Italian Language and Art History, Schola di Lingua, Universita di Siena,
Virginia Commonwealth University International Travel Program, 1987
MFA, Painting, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1985
BFA, Richmond Professional Institute of the College of William and Mary


2012  Encaustic Works 2012, A Biennial Exhibition in Print; ed, R&FPaints, three images included in book
           Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax, third edition, by Linda Womack, images included
2008 Juror's Award, 2nd National Encaustic Conference exhibition, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA
2008-09 Artist-in-Education Residency, Funded by Henrico County Public Schools and the Virginia Commission for the      Arts, (Spring 2009)
2001 Artist-in-Education Residency, Covington, VA. Funded by Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center and the         Virginia Commission for the Arts
1997-98 Artist-in-Education Residency, Clifton Forge, VA. Funded by Alleghany Highlands Arts
         and Crafts Center and the Virginia Commission for the Art
         1995 National Visiting Artist Residency, Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, partially funded by a grant from the Mid         Atlantic Arts Foundation, (Bernard Mangiaracina, juror)
1993 Individual Grant, Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation
          Grant to attend seminar "Artists as Educators," The Kennedy Center and VCA, sponsors
1992 Award, "Heads Up" project, June Jubilee, Arts Council of Richmond
          Nominee, Virginia Award for High Achievement in the Visual Arts, RWCA
1990 Award of Merit, Peninsula Fine Art Center Juried, Donald Kuspit, juror
1989 Invited Panelist, CAA 77th Annual Meeting, Studio Session
1988 Individual Grant, Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation
           First Place Award, Chrysler Museum Biennial, Jack Cowart, juror
1983 Awards in Painting and Drawing, Virginia Museum Biennial
1982-84 Graduate Assistantships, Virginia Commonwealth University
1981-82 Virginia Museum Fellowship
1979-80 Virginia Museum Fellowship


2012  Provincetown Inn, Provincetown MA, Hotel Fair: Susanne Arnold, Small Works, June 3
2009 Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA, Boats of Charon, (February)
2008 Corporate & Museum Frame Gallery, Excavation of a Life: Drawings from the 80s, (Oct.)
2007 Art6 Gallery, Richmond, (May), Earth Bones, Spirit Stones
          H. Scott November Gallery, Richmond, Earth Bones
2003 Chapman Gallery, Shockoe Bottom Art Center, Richmond, By the Waters of Babylon
2002 Astra Design Gallery, Richmond, St. Elmo’s Fire
2001 Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center, Clifton Forge, By the Waters of Babylon
2000 Cheese & Company, Farmville, Buried Voices
1998 Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center, Clifton Forge, Buried Voices, Recent Work
1996 Portsmouth Museum Art Center, Portsmouth, VA, Buried Voices: An Ongoing Series
1994 Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, Laurel, MD, Susanne Arnold: Recent Work
          1708 Gallery, Personal Archaeology
           Arts Council of Richmond, sponsor, Window Galleries in Carytown, June Jubilee
1993 Arts Council of Richmond, sponsor, Memories of Pompeii, site installation for June Jubilee
1992 Martha Mabey Gallery, Richmond, Susanne Arnold
          First Union Gallery, Spirit Square Center for the Arts, Charlotte, NC, Echoes
          Arts Council of Richmond, Backyard Excavation, site-specific installation for Heads Up project,
          June Jubilee festival, Francoise Yohalem, juror
          1708 East Main Gallery, Richmond, Buried Voices Etruria/Appalachia
1990 Southwest Virginia Community College, Richlands, VA
          Historic Crab Orchard Museum, Tazwell, VA
1988 1708 East Main Gallery, Richmond, Buried Voices Etruria
1987 Gallery 10, Washington, D.C., Buried Voices
1986 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Buried Voices/Italy
1985 Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Buried Voices, MFA Thesis
1984 Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Backyard Excavations
1982 Marsh Gallery, University of Richmond, Excavations
          Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University
1980 J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA


2012  R&F Gallery, Kingston, NY, Encaustic Works 12, Juried Exhibition and Book; Joanne Mattera, juror
           Island Museum of Art (IMA), Friday Harbor, WA, Waxed @ IMA Invitational, Sept-Nov.
           Gallery Flux, Ashland, Invitational Minature Exhibition, Dec-Jan 2013
           Online Exhibition, Natura Viva: Making Something Out of Nothing:, Curator:
             Debra Claffey, Nov-Dec
           Online Exhibition, Pattern in Painting,, Curator: Hylla Evans, Sept
           True Luck Gallery, Visual Arts Center of Richmond, (WORK), 2012 Faculty+Staff+Board, June-August
           McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA, Something and Nothing: Activating the Void, J. W. Mahoney, juror
           Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA, Conference Instructors Exhibition, June
           Studio Gallery, Virginia Museum Studio Program, Pots & Prints 2012
           Gallery Flux, Ashland, VA, Discovering Hanover, Juried, February
2011  Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA, Beeline Juried, 5th International Encaustic Conference, June
           Astra Design Gallery, Richmond, Holiday Exhibition, Dec
           ArtSpace Gallery, Richmond, Think Small 6 Invitational, Nov
           Gallery 5, Richmond, Skull Exhibition, June
           Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, Hampton, Virginia Artists 2011 Juried, July, Special Mention Award
           Online Exhibition, Wax in Context II: Assemblage, Collage and Bricolage, Curator: Marybeth Rothman,
           True Luck Gallery, Visual Arts Center of Richmond, (WORK), 2011 Faculty+Staff+Board, June-August
           Studio Gallery, Virginia Museum Studio Program, Pots & Prints 2011
2010  Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, Hampton, Virginia Artists 2010 Juried, July, Special Mention Award

         1708 Gallery, Small Wonder  Benefit Auction/Exhibit, Dec
         Nelson Gallery, Lexington, VA, Encaustic to the 6th Power, November
         Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA, Best Foot Forward, 4th National Encaustic Conference, June
         True Luck Gallery,Visual Arts Center of Richmond, [WORK], 2010 Faculty, Staff & Board Exhibition,
         Studio Gallery, Virginia Museum Studio Program, Pots & Prints 2011         
         1708 Gallery, “ Home is Where the Art Is,”Benefit Auction/Exhibit
          Willowbrook Gallery, New Community School, Richmond, VA, READ, Benefit Exhibition
          Visual Arts Center of Richmond Gallery, Benefit Exhibition
2009   Hayden Art Center, Lincoln, NE, Metamorphosis Juried Exhibit, March, catalog
          Rothschild Gallery, Creative Alliance at the Patterson, Baltimore, MD, Wax Actual Juried, April
          Falk Gallery, Christopher Newport College, Newport News, Va, The Dog Show Invitational
          ArtSpace & Art6 Galleries, Think Small 5 Invitational
          1708 Gallery, Benefit Auction/Exhibit
          1708 Gallery,   Save Planet Art, Benefit Invitational
          Linden Row Gallery, 1708 Gallery sponsor         
2008  301 Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, On The Edge, in conjunction with the 2nd National Encaustic Conference
            Art6 Gallery, Members Show
            China Exchange Exhibition, Xian, China, Western meets Eastern, July-August, catalog
            Art6 Gallery, In the Box exhibition
2007  Art6 Gallery, The Group of Nine
           1708 Gallery, 2007 Art Auction A La Mode
2006  Art6 Gallery, Second Biennial Members Show
           Art6 Gallery, Mask Show (December)
           The Carillon, Richmond, 4th Annual St. Mark’s Silent Art Auction for Habitat for Humanity
           1708 Gallery, Silent Night Auction Gala Invitational (December)
           Studio Gallery, Virginia Museum Studio Program, The Alchemy of Pots & Prints
           Georgetown University Hospital Gallery, Washington, DC, (July)
           1708 Gallery, 2006 Benefit Auction and exhibition (March)
2005 1708 Gallery, Small Works Invitational
           ArtWorks & Art6 Galleries, Richmond, ThinkSmall3 Invitational
           1708 Gallery, 2005 Benefit Auction and exhibition
           Astra Gallery, Group show
           Studio Gallery, Virginia Museum Studio Program, New Works: Pots and Prints
2004 1708 Gallery, Richmond, Small Works Invitational
           Signal 66 Gallery, Washington, D.C.
           Art6 Gallery, Richmond, ThinkSmall2 Invitational
           1708 Gallery, Richmond, 2004 Benefit Auction Invitational
2003 1708 Gallery, “25 x 25,” Special 1708 25-year Celebration Exhibition, catalog
           University of Richmond Museums, Virginia Women Artists: Prints from the Permanent Collection
           Art6 Gallery, Richmond, ThinkSmall1 Invitational
2002 1708 Gallery, 1708 Small Works Invitational
           1708 Gallery, 2002 Benefit Art Auction Invitational
200    KaneMarie Gallery, Virginia Beach, VA, Celebration of Women
           Courthouse Galleries, Portsmouth Museum, Counting Cards: Virginia Artists
           Artspace Gallery, Richmond, Think Small: Miniature Show
           Longwood College Center for the Visual Arts, Tri-State Sculpture Exhibition, Farmville, catalog
           1708 Gallery, City of Richmond, “Aten Ra-K Fish,” Go Fish Public Art Project
           1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2001 An Art Auction
2000 Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, Laurel, MD, National Sculpture Winners Exhibition
           Shooting Star Gallery, Suffolk, VA, Dimensions of Self sculpture exhibition
           Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News, VA, The Exhibition of the Millennium
           Courthouse Galleries of the Portsmouth Museums, reFORMations: New Forms from Ancient
           Techniques, traveling exhibition, co-curated by Deborah McLeod and Anna Fariello: Other
            venues: Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen; Appalachian Center for Crafts; Longwood Center for
            the Visual Arts. Illustrated catalog. With support from the Virginia Commission for the Arts
            and the National Endowment for the Arts, catalog
            1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, Annual Curated Art Auction
            D’Art Gallery, Norfolk, VA, The Bridge: Annexes, Involvements, Evolutions and Some
            1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, Emeritus Show; Art Auction; Holiday Small Works Show
1999 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, Small Affordable Works Holiday Show
1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, Shadows and Relics: Uncovering the Layers of our Past
Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, Changing Landscape: Glen Allen -Mountain Road toEdge City
1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, 99 Auction Exhibition, Joe Seipel, juror
1998 Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA, Irene Leache Memorial Exhibition
1708 Gallery, Hundred Dollar Art Sale
Falk Art Gallery, Christopher Newport College, Newport News, VA,
1997 Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA, Content/Containment
Virginia Wesleyn College, Norfolk, VA, Content/Containment
Fulcrum Gallery, Richmond, VA, Sculpture and Furniture Exhibition
1708 Gallery, 97 Auction Exhibition; Emeritus Exhibition; and Wearable Art Show
1996 Mattawoman Creek Art Center, Marbury, MD, Sculpture Invitational
1708 Gallery, Gala 96 Auction Exhibition, catalog
1995 Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC, Small Works Juried Exhibition, Terrie Sultan, juror
Longwood College, Farmville, Painters’ Painters, catalog
Bloom Gallery, Milan, Italy, Lavori Su Carta/Works on Paper
1708 Gallery, Members Show
1994 M.A.R.S. Artspace, Phoenix, AZ, M.A.R.S. Artspace/1708 Gallery Exchange
Clark-Pollock Gallery, Arboretum Place, Susanne Arnold and Lindsey Nolting
Falk Art Gallery, Christopher Newport College, Newport News, VA, Virginia Women Artists –
A Sense of Community, in conjunction with “Womens’ Humanities Conference”
Martha Maybe Gallery, Crucifixion of the Feminine
Falk Art Gallery, Christopher Newport College, Public Art for Indoor Spaces, 3- person show
1993 Galleria, Seattle, WA, Revisiting Boundaries: Southern Women Artists
Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Seeing the Elephant: The Civil War in Contemporary Art, traveling, catalog
Arts Council of Richmond Gallery, two person show
1708 Gallery Inaugural Exhibition
1992 Arlington Art Center, Arlington, VA, Collateral Damage: The Unseen Cost of Gun Violence
1708 East Main Gallery Benefit Show
1991 Roanoke Museum of Fine Arts, Roanoke, VA
Flossie Martin Gallery, Radford University, Radford, VA, Visual Storytellers
Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Juried Exhibition 1991, catalog, Tom Armstrong, juror
1990 Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Juried Exhibition 1990, catalog. Award, Donald Kuspit, juror
Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Artifice in Gesture: Virginia Sculpture, catalog
Randolph Macon College, Ashland, VA, Faculty Show
1708 East Main Gallery, 1708 Benefit Exhibition
1989 Pleiades Gallery, New York, Pleiades/1708 East Main Exchange Show
Anderson Gallery, VCU, School of the Arts Faculty Show
1708 East Main Gallery, Sovran Bank, Crestar Bank, 1708 East Main Tenth Anniver. Exhibition
1988 Chrysler Museum, 29th Irene Leache Memorial Exhibition, catalog. First Place, Jack Cowart, juror
1987 Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Painting 87, Barbara Haskell, Whitney Museum, juror
Anderson Gallery, VCU, School of the Arts Faculty Show
Nexus Foundation, Philadelphia, Contacts and Connections
1986 Marsh Gallery , University of Richmond, New Faculty Show
Hand Workshop Invitational, Richmond
1985-86 Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Blacksburg, organizer, Virginia Women Artists: Female Experience in Art, traveling exhibition, catalog
1985 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Fayerweather Gallery, University of Virginia
Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Body Parts, catalog
1984 Chrysler Museum, 27th Biennial Irene Leache Exhibition, catalog; William Olander, juror
Richmond Arts Council, sponsor, Tredegar Iron Works Exhibition, catalog; Peter Schjeldahl, juror
Reynolds Minor Gallery, Richmond, Made in Virginia
Second Street Gallery, National Exhibition of Works on Paper; Chris Middendorf, juror
1983 Virginia Museum Biennial, The Next Juried Show, catalog; Jim Dine, juror
1982 Chrysler Museum, 26th Biennial Irene Leach Exhibition; Judith H. Fox, juror
Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Virginia Artists
1981 Gallery K, Washington, DC
1980 ICA, Virginia Museum, Virginia Artists’ Portfolio
ICA, Virginia Museum, ‘40-’80, Virginia Museum Anniversary Invitational
Copenhagen, Denmark, First International Festival of Women Artists Exhibition
Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Virginia Museum, 20 Virginia Artists, Invitational, catalog

Caperton Inc.
Continental Insurance Corporation
Walter Chrysler Estate, City of Norfolk Commission
Dillard Paper Company, Greensboro
Sandra and Heyn Kjerulf
Sydney and Frances Lewis Collection
Dr. and Mrs. David Nelson, San Francisco
Richmond Newspapers, Inc.
W. Cecil Rawls Museum, Courtland
Southwest Virginia Community College
Sovran Bank Collection, Richmond
University of Richmond Museums Permanent Collection
Virginia Commonwealth University Permanent Collection
Camilla and Roger Zieg, Woodland, California

2001 1708 Gallery & City of Richmond, Go Fish Public Art Project
1994 Arts Council of Richmond, sponsor, Window Galleries site in Carytown, June Jubilee
Outdoor Mural and Japanese Rock Garden, Henrico High School,VCA grant-sponsored
1993 Arts Council of Richmond, sponsor, Memories of Pompeii, site installation for June Jubilee
1992 Arts Council of Richmond, Backyard Excavation, site-specific installation for Heads Up
Project in Shockoe Bottom, June Jubilee festival, Francoise Yohalem, juror
1990 Southwest Virginia Community College, Richlands, VA, site-specific outdoor sculpture
Private commission for outdoor site-specific stone serpent circle and standing stone
1982 Richmond Arts Council, Excavation of a Life, downtown Richmond

Covington High School, Spring 2001, Artist-in-Education residency sponsored by Alleghany
Highlands Art Center and Virginia Commission for the Arts (VCA)
Clifton Forge High School, 1997-98, Alleghany Highlands Art Center and VCA sponsored
Pyramid Atlantic Residency, Riverdale, MD, 1996
Mural Project, Henrico High School, 1994, VCA sponsored
Powell Valley High School, Big Stone Gap, VA, April 1994, VCA sponsored
Henrico High School, Henrico County Public Schools, January 1994, VCA sponsored
Hanover County Schools, 1993, VCA sponsored
Amelia County Schools, Amelia, VA, 1993, VCA sponsored
Chesterfield County Schools, 1993, VCA sponsored
Henrico County Schools, Fall 1993, VCA sponsored
Southwest Virginia Community College, Richlands, VA, Spring 1990, Conducted over 65 workshops and lectures at regional colleges, public schools, civic organizations and in open studio at SVCC. Produced commissioned sculpture, VCA co-sponsored
Artist-in-Residence, Education and Outreach Program, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1984-86

2000-present Office Manager, MedRep Coporation
1996-present Independent Arts Consultant
1993-present State-wide Artist-in-Education Roster, Virginia Commission for the Arts (renewed 2005-08)
1999-00 Interim Director, Longwood Center of the Visual Arts, Longwood College
1997-99 Assistant to Executive Dir./Visual Arts Coordinator, Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen
1995-96 Executive Director, Greater Reston Arts Center
1993-95 Exhibits Coordinator, The Library of Virginia
1990-92 Director of duPont Galleries and Instructor, Art Dept, Mary Washington College,
1990 Visiting Instructor, Southwest Virginia Community College, VCA co-sponsored
1986-88 Director, Marsh Gallery, University of Richmond
1982-89 Adjunct Instructor, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University:

Community Service
Critique leader, Artists Critique Group, 2004-Present
Member, Art6 Gallery (artist-run, non-profit), 2006-
Juror, Gosport Festival Art Exhibition, Portsmouth, VA, 2005
Annual Guest lecturer, Advanced Painting Class, VCU, Sally Bowring, Instructor, 2000-Present
Emeritus Member, Board of Directors, 1708 Gallery, 1985-present.
Member, Governor’s Awards for the Arts 2000 Selection Committee
Partnered satellite program with Central Virginia Arts, an affiliate of the Virginia Museum, 1999-2000
Facilitator, Steering Committee, Curators' Roundtable Statewide Exhibition Initiative, 1999-2000
Participant, Statewide Curator’s Roundtable, Virginia Commission for the Arts,1996-2000
Participating member, Executive Directors’ Roundtable, Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington, funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, 1995-96.
Board Member, The Wakefield Foundation, 1998-99
Member, Visual Arts Consortium of Greater Washington, 1995-96.
Juror, Tidewater Artists Association, The Hermitage, 2003
Juror, Professional Class, Central Virginia Artisans Association, Waynesboro, VA
Juror, Shockoe Bottom Arts Center, 1999
Juror, Annual Show, The Wakefield Foundation, Inc., 1999, 1995
Juror, Annual Show, Shockley Gardens Art Show, 1998.
Juror, Annual Show, d’Art Center, Virginia Beach, 1992
Juror, Tidewater Artist Association, The Hermitage, Norfolk, 1992.
Juror, Paintings from the Piedmont, The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, 1992, 1993

Academic Service
Presenter, Leadership Farmville Session, Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce, 1999-2000
Co-presenter, Egyptian Art SOL Teachers Workshop, with Jackie Wall for Prince Edward Co. Elementary and Fuqua Schools, in conjunction with LCVA exhibition, 1999-2000
Speaker, LCVA exhibition program, Piedmont Humanities Council annual meeting, 1999-2000
Chair, Longwood University Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) Members Council, 1999-2000
Member, LCVA Advisory Board Collections Committee, 1999-2000
Member, LCVA Advisory Board Executive Committee, 1999-2000
Member, LCVA Renovation Ad Hoc Committee, 1999-2000
Faculty Member, Self Study Committee, Art Department, Mary Washington College, 1992
Faculty Member, Cultural Affairs Committee, University of Richmond, 1987-88
Member, College Art Association; Virginia Association of Museums; American Association of Museums;
1990-2004; Rappahannock Regional Museum Forum, 1992

2002 Roy Proctor, “Fire eventually draws art into autobiographical sphere,” Richmond Times Dispatch, 22 December
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Reproduction of “Buried Voices Etruria I” in Liberal Education 78, no. 3 (May/June)
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Encaustic Painting from Egyptian to Contemporary Times, Art for Lunch lecture, Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, February 22, 2000
Life Beyond Art School, Painting Department, Virginia Commonwealth University, presentation to Senior Seminar, December 1, 1999
Public Art for Indoor Spaces, gallery talk, Christopher Newport College, February 3, 1994
From Papyrus to Portraits: African influences in encaustic painting, Arts on the Square, Richmond, July 17, 1993
DuPont Galleries and Its Permanent Collection, Kiwanis Club of Fredericksburg, Oct. 15, 1991
Encaustic Painting, lecture and workshop, Women's Caucus for Arts, Richmond, May 1991
Encaustic Painting and Its Application Today, Faculty Research Series, Mary Washington College, April 1991
Encaustic Painting: Yesterday and Today. Art Department, Radford University, Feb. 14, 1991
65 Encaustic painting talks and workshops: at public schools; at Southwest Virginia Community College; Russell County Public Library, and civic organizations as part of VCA sponsored residency, 1990
Encaustic Painting: Yesterday and Today, paper and demonstration as invited panelist for studio session: "The Role of Lost Art Techniques in a Postmodern Era," College Art Association Meeting, San Francisco, February 19, 1989
Encaustic Painting: Past and Present, Arlington Art Center, Arlington, VA, with all-day workshop.

Tuscany, Italy, College of William and Mary Alumni Campus Abroad Program, June 2001
Summer residency in Siena, Italy. Studied at Universita di Siena, Schola di Lingua, through
VCU; extensive travel in Italy; conducted independent research on Etruscan artifacts, 1987
Three weeks travel throughout Italy with Clasictours; presented talks on late Roman and
Renaissance art history under Dr. Talbot Selby of the University of Richmond, 1985

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in McLean, Virginia. Currently reside in Richmond, Virginia.